At Iteers work-life balance and flexibility is a priority. Our staff work hard so we know how important it is for them to spend time with their family, friends and pursue interests outside of work. One thing you can guarantee is that we all have fun along the way and you’ll have support from colleagues across the business. You will be joining a company with strong values and a family culture rooted in its core.

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

At Iteers we are proud of the backgrounds our people belong to because it is a true reflection of our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion – it is who we are!

We believe that every member of staff helps to build a culture where everyone belongs. The various committees across the business play a vital role in creating communities that bring people together and ensure they feel supported at work as well as pursue their passion at work.

Social Impact

Social Impact at Iteers is about making sure that our company is helpful to individuals, our clients, to communities, and to the planet. By developing our people, products, and resources, we hope to be a force for good in the market place and in the world.
Why Choose Us

We are entrepreneurial innovators

In today’s marketplace, it’s the innovation from our research teams that sets us apart from the competition. Our talented team of specialists, along with their software skills, have created some industry leading applications. We foster an environment which develops entrepreneurial spirit to help you realise your potential for our mutual success.

We develop our people

All employees undertake continual self-development through a personalised training plan. This involves everyone in the organisation undertaking ongoing training, giving each person the opportunity to learn and develop. It includes external and internal training, education, learning and development to achieve accreditations.

We are international

The secure web application strategy starts with a holistic approach that looks at the entire journey, from design to delivery. We create secure applications that can withstand even the most rigorous set of security requirements and compliance standards. The completed product has undergone security testing to ensure that your applications have met every step of the security process, from start to finish.

We are established leaders

We have been through a lot of changes in the technology industry and our teams have a pretty good grasp of what’s going on and our clients can rest assured they are receiving advice from experienced professionals who know to prioritise workloads and operate smartly and efficiently.

Our Clients about our IT Company

This solution from IBM and Iteers provides an excellent foundation for the future growth of our operations in UK and Ireland, and is a key component in aligning our operations with Danone Group’s corporate IT strategy.
Irek Zielinski
We were looking for a partner to help us with the projects, looking to outsource all our management of services and systems.
Group’s corporate IT strategy.
Martyn Waller
With cloud-based, automated solutions to data storage and retrieval the capacity to put in place multi-level, adjustable and 24/7 access has never been greater.
John McLane